Top 3 Reasons to Spend Time on SEO

16 Jul Top 3 Reasons to Spend Time on SEO

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When’s the last time you revamped the SEO for your website? If you haven’t done so recently, it’s time! Search engine optimization has become a necessary tool in the digital marketing world, and you don’t want your site to get left behind. Approximately 85% of all clicks on a website are a result of a user searching for keywords which led them to your site. If you are not utilizing those keywords and optimizing your site properly, you are holding your business back from appearing in searches. You need your website to be helping you get customers, not the other way around! Taking the time to commit to SEO is well worth the investment to see your website and customer base flourish. Here are the top reasons to invest in SEO:

1. It keeps you ahead of the game. Although more people are learning about SEO and taking the time to make sure their site is optimized, there are still many people who do not. But you better believe once they realize the importance of SEO, they will take the steps to incorporate it. SEO will keep you a step ahead of your competitors. There will be more people visiting your site, which will lead to a higher ROI and brand visibility. It is also important to have your website optimized for mobile and tablet use to stay ahead in search rankings.

2. SEO helps you reach your target customer. The right keywords, video and content can make a huge difference. Having an SEO strategy helps people who are specifically looking for what you have to offer, find you! How awesome is that? Not to mention, even though customers prefer to go to a store to make purchases, they almost always first do their research online, so SEO can help with your in-store sales.
3. SEO is always evolving and is here to stay. This is what keeps it interesting! Google and other search engines will continue to update and change their algorithms, which is great as it helps filter out spam. However, if you notice a drastic drop in your site traffic, you can bet there was a change in search rankings that affected you. If you keep up with your SEO you can prevent this from happening. An SEO expert will know exactly what needs to be changed to get your rankings back. So, remember that although SEO will always evolve as algorithms change, SEO itself is not going anywhere, nor is it “dying,” as some have claimed. It does, however, constantly need to be tweaked to ensure your site is performing on a high level.

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