29 Jul 3 Advantages of Engaging in Tweet Chats

(photo courtesy of mkhmarketing)/em> Twitter is a great social media platform for your business to take advantage of. However, more than just sending out tweets, the most important part of having a Twitter account is engaging in the ongoing conversations. From a marketing standpoint, to make...

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16 Jul Top 3 Reasons to Spend Time on SEO

When’s the last time you revamped the SEO for your website? If you haven’t done so recently, it’s time! Search engine optimization has become a necessary tool in the digital marketing world, and you don’t want your site to get left behind. Approximately 85% of...

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28 Apr Building a New Marketing Foundation

People are tired of old fashioned, routine Marketing to Sell. Sales pressure is not fun for anyone, especially if you are the customer. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable. So why put your customers through it? The good news is that marketing is taking a...

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