3 Advantages of Engaging in Tweet Chats

29 Jul 3 Advantages of Engaging in Tweet Chats

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Twitter is a great social media platform for your business to take advantage of. However, more than just sending out tweets, the most important part of having a Twitter account is engaging in the ongoing conversations. From a marketing standpoint, to make the most out of Twitter you should take the time to participate in industry Tweet chats. Using a pre-established hashtag, industry influencers and enthusiasts discuss current topics pertaining to the industry. In addition to being interesting and often fun, they are helpful in lending your brand authority. Check out why we engage in Tweet chats:

1. They’re a great way to connect with people. From brand influencers to potential customers, Tweet chats increase the number of people who are exposed to your brand. Tweet chats can also give you a chance to show the personality of your brand and make a great impression. The interactions you have during Tweet chats can boost your fan base and allow you to build relationships.

2. You can learn more about your industry and your customer base. Tweet chats are a great resource for learning about what people think of and want from your industry. People participating in the chat may have suggestions or questions that could be very helpful in shaping your brand or how you approach customer service. Overall, taking part in a Tweet chat really assists you in your market research.

3. They give your brand visibility and make you an industry leader. Participating in a Tweet chat exposes your brand to different people that may not ordinarily see your company. If you repeatedly participate in the same chats, people will see you are devoted and will remember your company’s name. Over time, you will turn into an expert in your industry. Once you are comfortable with the chats, you can approach the host of a Tweet chat about co-hosting, which they often welcome. This gives you the opportunity to have maximum exposure during a chat.

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